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    9th Circuit Court of Appeals


Because every individual is different, every case is different. Davina T. Chen has defended individuals accused or convicted of virtually every type of federal crime at every stage of proceedings. Fiercely loyal to her clients, Davina has earned a reputation for understanding what is most important to the people she represents and finding creative ways to achieve the results they desire.

"Davina Chen is a top flight criminal defense attorney. She has successfully and expertly handled just about every type of federal criminal and habeas case, and has used her skill, knowledge, and tenacity to achieve positive outcomes in cases that appeared hopeless. Her encyclopedic knowledge of virtually every area of criminal law--on both trial and appellate levels-- also made her an invaluable resource for other lawyers in our office. Ms. Chen is one of the very best ever to practice with the Federal Public Defender's Office."

Sean K. Kennedy, Professor, Loyola Law School; Former Federal Public Defender, Los Angeles (2006 -2014)

"Davina Chen is an attorney you want in your corner. With her sharp intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge of the law, she is a formidable adversary, a valuable ally, and an inspiration to the defense bar. She has been an essential contributor in developing national litigation strategies on important sentencing issues, including the argument that led the Supreme Court to hold, in Dorsey v. United States, that more individuals were eligible for lower sentences for crack cocaine offenses. She has testified before the U.S. Sentencing Commission on a host of issues, advocating reform of the fraud guideline, the relevant conduct rules, the drug guidelines, and the immigration guideline."

Amy Baron-Evans, National Sentencing Resource Counsel to the Federal Public and Community Defenders

"If there is reversible error, Davina will find it. She is a terrific lawyer."

Craig Wilke, Law Office of Craig Wilke