Working with CJA Panel Attorneys

I am available to provide services as a federal sentencing law expert under the Criminal Justice Act. Federal sentencing law is highly complex. But the issues repeat themselves. As a federal sentencing specialist, I have the familiarity to quickly identify, and communicate clearly about, the areas that require analysis and development. As a result, I am able to provide cost effective consultation.

Under the CJA, and Volume 7 of the Guide to Judiciary Policy, up to $1000 per case may be expended at any point on services without prior authorization. See Volume 7, § 310.20.30.

CJA attorneys may also seek prior authorization for more extensive services. See Volume 7, § 310.20.10. Additional information is available on the National CJA Voucher Reference Tool, and forms are available here. Make sure to check your local CJA rules as well.


If you are seeking authorization for expert services, you may download my Federal Sentencing Law Expert CV below. Email me to inquire about my services.